News Release

For immediate release - February 12, 2013

$10,000 Donation to the Friends of the Cooper Memorial Library

The Friends of the Cooper Memorial Library received a donation for $10,000 to support children’s programs in the library from benefactor, Mrs. V. Strom. Mrs. Strom has been attending storytime and other programs and expressed her gratitude to Amy Stultz, Head of Youth Services, and to staff for their commitment to provide quality educational programming and materials to the community. Pricilla Suffredini, President, and Judy Beaty, Treasurer of the Friends of the Cooper Memorial Library, Library Services Division Manager Paul Alford and Regional Branch Manager Boyd Bruce were on hand to recognize Mrs. Strom for her generous support.

The Friends of the Cooper Memorial Library will be using a portion of the money to upgrade the children’s storytime room with additional acoustic panels that will improve sound quality significantly. The library staff often entertains more than 80 children and their parents in a program. They will also purchase Florida wildlife art for the youth area which will feature images of natural lands, birds and animals in the Florida wild, reminiscent of a place and time before developments. Much of the rest will go towards providing additional youth materials, programs and services.

Ms. Strom states "When I was just a small child my grandparents sent my parents a handwritten note, which said, and I’m paraphrasing, ‘I wouldn’t amount to much’. This was due largely to my ethnicity and the fact that my parents union was not the norm in the mid-70’s."

"In addition to this, we were also very poor. It was mostly my brother and I for 14 years, then my mom had my sister, who was born with a severe mental handicap and a heart defect. My mom has always been a seamstress and my dad worked 2 jobs through most of my teenage years."

"Growing up I felt powerless and alone, needless to say through all of this, the library became a place of refuge. It was through such authors as Napoleon Hill, Joseph Murphy, and Maxwell Maltz that I learned to persevere through the hard times, stay positive, and believe in myself."

"My favorite quote from Napoleon Hill is, “Sorrow, like failure, may be a blessing or a curse, according to one’s reaction to it…The choice is entirely in the mind of the individual.”  The library really is the key to your success."

For information on joining the Friends of the Cooper Memorial Library go to call 352-536-2275. You may also download a calendar of library programs for the Cooper Memorial Library or any of the 15 Lake County Library System libraries.

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