Lakeline Kids Story Corner

Read our collection of original stories and poems submitted by our Lakeline Kids.

We invite you to submit your stories, plays, or poems for publication on in the Lakeline Kids Story Corner.

You may submit your work online via our online submission pages (work without illustrations only) or you can submit your work and illustrations in person to your library or via US Mail. Click here to download the submission form and entry details

Fledgling by Leslie Castle

Apathy by Mary Ann Kalonick

Cracker Jacks by Susan Jaillet

Good Morning Mrs. President by Judi Ciance

Graveside Solace by Richard Henderson

Hope by Janet Kabourek

Imagine by Melinda Gammon

Maybe It's Cancer by Reatha Thomas Oakley

No Longer Cold by Pat Shamrock

Pied Piper of Celia's Cafe by Peggy Seely

To Ron B. by Roberty Toto

Untitled by Emily C. Ross

Untitled by Pam Hayes

Waiting for Steve by Dian Zirilli-Mares

Walnut Fudge by Marc Rissman

Window by Tina J. Giansante

Would You? by Amy O'Malley

Inside the Psychiatrist's Den by Kathy Burkett
2013 BookFest Poetry Contest Winner

The Otter by Roderick Billette
2013 BookFest Poetry Contest Winner

If You Give A Flamingo A Fish by Madison Loftis

The Angel Within by Alyssa Adkins
Why would a grim reaper be after her in the dead of night?

In Search of Me by Vincent A. Caruso
Will someone tell me who I am? I don’t seem to know. I seem to be so many things. It’s all so confusing. Will the real me step forward but who is the real me?

Dance of the Rose Petals by Elise VanCise
It was dark in the chapel, a new moon shed no light in the old abandoned building. He sat on a pew moved under a window watching, waiting. Tonight he was prepared with camera, recorder, extra batteries, and a thermos of hot coffee to combat the chill of the night.

Baby Darter's Adventure by Sharyn K. Germ
Follow Baby Darter as he adventures across the lawn, meeting other animals and narrowly escaping the clutches of the lawnmower!

Fredi's Great Adventure by Su Gerheim

My Backyard Adventure by Haylie Gregory

A Teddy Bear's Wish by Eleanor Keiper

Friends Are Friends by Su Gerheim
A story about a snail and his friends.

Larry the Ladybug by Su Gerheim
The tumultuous adventures of Larry the Ladybug

A Gift by Jacquelin Arndt

Not Today by Vincent A. Caruso

Sad by Vincent A. Caruso

The Face by Vincent A. Caruso

The Avenger by William S. Brewer

Kim's First Case by Joe Meneley

The Rag-A-Muffins by Richard F. McClure

There was a knock on the door and... by Carol Johnson

A Dragon’s Tale by Rosalind Jennings

Memoirs of a Middle Schooler’s First Anxiety Attack by Ed W. Puhr

Snortels: Brave Ky-Lee by Richard L. & Marti Waters
Illustrations by: Austin House

A Typical Snow Day by Abdurrahman Qadan (Frenchie)

Tortoise & Ice Dragon by Alicia M. Mortimer

Untitled by Amanda

Untitled by Mandi

Hopper by Sharyn Germ

Colors by Gin Romiti

Dorky's Christmas by Hank Lajoie

Dying to Live by Donna M. Kohlstrom

Gloria by Donna M. Kohlstrom

Just Desserts by Terri Tiffany

Our Path by Amanda

Untitled by Amanda

The Elf of Avalon by Katie Smith
A short story about a young elf discovering her powers. The first in a series.

Magics of the Elf by Katie Smith
The continuation of the Elf of Avalon.

The Lost Dog by Lauren Petreikis & Pamela Kirchner
A book dictated and illustrated by 6 yr. old Lauren Petreikis.

A Singletown Mystery: The Case of the Mysterious Mailman by Sara Singleton
An illustrated mystery story in 4 chapters.

The Frog Who Loved Books and the Snake who Doesn't by Jonah Slate
Short story about a frog who encourages a snake to read. Written by Jonah (age 8).

Trouble in Pawpaw Patch by Eunice R. Moore
A short story about friendship.

Cecil, The Cranky Centipede by Eunice R. Moore
A short story about a little centipede who doesn't like his name.