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For immediate release - October 23, 2013

Readers Theatre @ the Minneola Schoolhouse Library

Minneola Schoolhouse Library is introducing a new program for boys ages 8 to 12. Beginning November 6, 2013 there will be readers’ theater every Wednesday afternoon 4:30 to 5:00 in the library garden.

Each reading will be a new adventure with mythical creatures from all over the globe. There will be “Eshu the Trickster”, “Passing the Torch” and “The Quest of Gilgamesh” and more. In addition to reading, participants will also be making the sound effects needed for each setting. This gives each boy the chance to be countless interesting characters. One can choose to be the brave and courageous hero or a lesser character with little dialogue. No matter what a boy’s interest there will be a part for him!

Kurtis Noble, the director, host and leader, promises great people and tons of fun!

For more information contact Diane Merchant at 352-432-3921.


Media contact:
Diane Merchant
Library Director
(352) 432-3921

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