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October - December 2009     VOLUME 13 ISSUE 4
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Boyd Bruce Joins Lake County Library Services

Assistant Library Services Director for Public Services Selected

Boyd Bruce has been selected as the new Assistant Library Services Director for Public Services for the Lake County Library System. He graduated from Florida State with an MLS in 1990 and has worked in Mississippi, North and South Carolina, and two previous positions in Florida. Boyd has managed every type of position there is at a library--even non-print cataloging. He is married with three boys, and a ton of hobbies and interests too numerous to mention.

Boyd says “I am very much a person who prefers action to discussion. It is very important to discuss issues and plan thoroughly, but at the end of the day, action gets the job done. My only personal philosophy is that when you stop learning you start dying. Therefore, I try to learn something every day. My overriding philosophy of library service is to focus all energy on meeting the needs of the local population in order to maximize the return on investment for the taxpayers, our customers. For libraries to survive past the next decade, we will have to become cultural and communal centers that are inviting, comfortable, and effective at providing the right resources at the right time using the right delivery method. The popularity and viability of the library goes far beyond the type of materials we make available; it relies completely on a highly trained, competent, and friendly staff. Providing lackluster customer service no matter how awesome your collection and/or facility, is the quickest way to cut your own funding. It is and will always be a fundamental fact that support for a library system is directly proportionate to the ability of the library system to meet the needs of the community it serves.”

Boyd is known for a flexible management style in both planning and implementation. He prefers face-to-face over telephone, telephone over email, and email over texting as a preferred communication method. His main goal is to support a well-planned and coherent effort to improve library services.