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July - September 2008     VOLUME 12 ISSUE 3
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Friends of Leesburg Public Library and Lake County Library System Adult Literacy Program awarded grant!

$6,000 grant awarded by Wachovia Foundation
Erika L. Greene

Lake County Library System’s Adult Literacy Program and Leesburg Public Library have received a grant in the amount of $6,000 from the Wachovia Foundation. These funds will support the creation of a work-based literacy skills program.

The expansion of the Lake County Library System Adult Literacy Program through the creation of a work-based literacy skills curriculum is designed to reach illiterate or functionally illiterate adults and focuses on assisting unemployed or underemployed adult learners improve their reading, writing, and math skills as they relate to finding and maintaining a job. Through their participation in the adult literacy tutor program utilizing the improved work-based skills curriculum, adult learners will improve their basic literacy skills; employability opportunities; and work-based literacy skills.

The US Department of Education recently released the 2003 National Assessment of Adult Literacy Survey results, which reported that roughly 1 in 6 adults have below basic literacy skills and that American business spends $16.6 billion each year on employees who lack basic skills in reading, writing, and math. As I am sure you are aware, when our workforce does not have the basic skills needed to successfully complete job duties or communicate with the public, our community suffers. We feel that the adult literacy program benefits the employer, the employees, as well as the entire community.

How can I get help with my reading and writing skills? What do I have to do to get started? You must be at least eighteen (18) years old; contact your local Lake County library to sign up; be prepared to work with a tutor to reach your goals; and realize it may take longer that you think to achieve your goals.

How does it work? This program is completely confidential. All materials and the tutoring are free. You set the goals, and a volunteer tutor will help you attain those goals at sessions held at each of the 13 Lake County libraries.

For additional information, please contact Erika Greene, Literacy Program Coordinator at (352) 253-6183 or Roberta Rowold, Leesburg Public Library Literacy Contact, at 352-728-9790.