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January - March 2010     VOLUME 14 ISSUE 1
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News from Astor County Library

Christmas Give-a-Way Bags
For over 4 weeks our three Christmas Give-a-Way Bags grew and grew and grew. They would have even given Santa some competition. In order to get in the drawing for one of them all you had to do was checkout a book or a magazine. How simple is that? You could even enter daily! Prizes were donated by the staff and generous patrons. There was a bag for an adult with candy, books, DVDs, popcorn, coffee mugs, hot cocoa mixes and more. The girl’s bag and the boy’s bag each had candy, coloring books, stuffed animals, and numerous toys. Our adult winner is shy, but our girl winner was Rosita Cosio and our boy winner was Nicholas Ivie. Congratulations to the three of you on reading and winning! Get ready for our next Give-a-Way Prizes coming for Valentine’s Day. We will have a Kid’s prize, an Adult Woman’s prize, and an Adult Man’s prize. We have already received some donations for them.

Annual Christmas Party
On December 19th the Astor County Library held their Annual Christmas Party. Snacks were provided for the 40 plus children by a few patrons and our local Subway (Thank you so much Jeanine!). The children made jewelry and assorted crafts to give to their family and friends. The best thing about the party was sitting on Santa’s lap! In the photo, Santa meets with his helpers who kept the kids in line. Even Santa needs a little help every now and then. At the end of the party the winners for the Christmas Give-a-Way Bags were chosen. A good time was had by all.

Large Print Book Additions
Our Friends of the Library gave us some of their hard earned fundraiser money to go towards a large print book order plan. We will be receiving 6 new large print books every month through September 2010. Because we started the plan in December of 2009 we qualified for a promotion that gave us 6 new books for free! Who doesn’t love free stuff? We have been diligently moving our collection around at the library. We have created more room for large print books, books on CD, young adult books, DVDs, video games, and music CDs. It has been a lot of work moving everything around, but it has been worth it! In the process we even created more room for our existing fiction and non-fiction books. And this will be a good thing because now we don’t have to delete as many older books in order to make room for newer ones. Now you will have more to choose from when you visit us. Please be sure to check our online calendar for upcoming Friends of the Library Events/Fundraisers.