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July - September 2008     VOLUME 12 ISSUE 3
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Leesburg Public Library Café to Open

Coming Soon!
Barbara Morse

The long-awaited café in the Leesburg Public Library will be opening soon.  David Kahan, proprietor of Z-Coffee, an artisan coffee roaster located in Apopka, was awarded the contract to operate the new eatery.  The café has been in the plans for the Library since it's completion in May 2007.  Finishing work on the plumbing, electrical, and floor has been completed with the equipment and furniture delivered in June.  Once final licensing and inspections have been signed the café will be opened.  Mr. Kahan estimates that this could occur as soon as the end of July or beginning of August. 

Z-Coffee provides quite a large menu of breakfast and lunch items and a very large range of wonderful coffees in a variety of roasts and flavors for all palates.  There is even a Leesburg Blend.  In addition, there are teas and smoothies for those who don't drink coffee.  Mr. Kahan and the Z-Café are experienced in providing excellent service in libraries.  There are  Z-Cafés located in the Orlando Public Library, in Lake County's own new Cagan Crossings Public Library in the Four Corners area and one more at Florida Hospital Apopka. 

A unique feature at the Leesburg Library is the shared space with the Friends of the Library Bookstore.  A connecting wall will be opened at the time of the day when the bookstore is also opened providing a wonderful ambiance.  Library policies allow covered beverages to be taken into the library proper - no food please.  The Café has wireless access as does the entire library and the front courtyard.  The LakeXpress bus also stops at the library, next to the Café location. 

We hope you'll visit soon.  In the meantime, check the Z-Coffee website at