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April - June 2010     VOLUME 14 ISSUE 2
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Junior Authors Best Tellers

VolunteerLAKE Project
Helena Osborne-Ponsi

VolunteerLAKE created a family friendly program where books are written by children for children. The program project name at W.T.Bland Public Library was "Kids Tell It Best" and at the East Lake Library, the program project name was "Junior Authors Best Tellers".

The children are the authors and illustrators of the stories that social organizations will read to children ages 3-8. The intention is to encourage older children and adults to read and write to younger children. The finished books will be digitized; placed online and the created book will be read to children in daycare centers, Headstart programs and libraries.

Some of the stories that have been written are titled:
Basketball is my favorite sport
My first cruise
Why giraffes don't make good pets
Rosie the flower

If you are interested in being part of this program as a reader and/or writer, contact VolunteerLAKE (352)742-6590 for details on upcoming projects. If you're interested in becoming a Project Leader, email to get signed up for the 2 hour FREE training.