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April - June 2010     VOLUME 14 ISSUE 2
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Florida Novelist to Appear at Cooper Memorial Library

Novelist JD Seamus
Dennis Smolarek

Author JD Seamus, will appear at the Cooper Memorial Library Thursday May 13th at 2:00 p.m. to talk about his latest poignant and funny mystery book, Last Call, a brisk, can’t-put-it-down read that is wonderfully entertaining!

Manhattan newcomer Nathan Melton is looking for a place to connect. Lucky for him, Jimmie’s Bar is just around the corner and Jimmie Collins is a man with connections! From beat cops to Mafioso, career women to former linebackers, Jimmie’s patrons take care of each other and their neighborhood barkeep. A beloved priest needs some thugs to learn a lesson? No problem! Trouble with your love life? Let Jimmie apply his matchmaking skills. Need a place to sell some merchandise that might have fallen off a truck? No questions asked.

Nathan has found his home away from home here. Jimmie has an ailing wife and disabled daughter nestled in Florida, and his bar family is all he’s got. They understand about how Jimmie’s children’s charity balances out the part-time smuggling jobs. They know that offshore accounts are necessary when medical bills aren’t covered by health insurance. When Jimmie reveals his own terminal diagnosis, his friends vow to help him recover the millions he has in foreign bank accounts. Somewhere between that promise and Jimmie’s death, things go terribly wrong. The money is gone, their friend is dead, and it’s up to this close-knit cadre to track the cash.

Novelist JD Seamus has actually lived and worked among some amazing characters. After decades of working in the worlds of retail finance, e-commerce, and venture capital, Seamus began writing a series of Manhattan-based novels. With a keen eye for detail, Seamus takes to heart the old adage to “write what you know.” Borrowing from real life experience, Seamus delivers highly entertaining tales full of sparkling wit and dark humor.

Whether pondering life’s most absurd or most wonderful moments, or showcasing a character’s foibles or triumphs, JD Seamus is a dynamic new voice in the world of fiction. Seamus may make you blush, he may make you cry, but he will most certainly leave you entertained. Today, Seamus is happily at work on his sixth book in Central Florida and divides his time between his family and following Braves and Jaguar games.