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October - December 2010     VOLUME 14 ISSUE 4
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Groveland Celebrates Staff Longevity

Katherine Spurgeon

The Marion Baysinger Memorial Library is proud to announce that two staff members recently received their 10-year certificates as employees of the Lake County Library System.

Marcia Rushing, Senior Library Assistant, and Robin Bridges, Library Assistant, were each hired in August 2000 and have worked together ever since. At the time Marcia and Robin started their employment, the library was located in downtown Groveland where the Groveland Historical Museum is now. The library occupied 1,000 square feet and only contained four public computers, all of which were donated by the Gates Foundation. These computers are still in use in the children's department, loaded with games for children. When the new facility was ready in its new location at 756 West Broad Street in November 2002, the staff packed up the books [loading the boxes in the back of two pickups] and trucked them down to the new library. In the ensuing eight years, the collection has grown tremendously, 27,000 items at last count, as has the number of public internet computers, from4 to 12. In addition, the Groveland library has almost 8,000 registered borrowers.

In the eight years since Marcia and Robin began at the library, the circulation system has changed three times, and they have had three different branch managers and five different children's librarians. There have been numerous other staff members come and go during that time; however, the library has the privilege of recognizing the 10-year achievements of two very capable people. Congratulations, Marcia and Robin!