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October - December 2010     VOLUME 14 ISSUE 4
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New Volunteer Tutors Graduate!

22 new volunteers join the team
Erika L. Greene

It was an exciting and fun-filled Saturday at the W.T. Bland Public Library (Mount Dora) as 22 volunteers were trained by Olive Burkard, certified tutor trainer, and Erika Greene, Literacy Coordinator. The team worked from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on establishing goals with learners, developing dialogues, creating lesson plans, discussing the challenges of teaching English to adults whose native language is not English, and struggling with the overwhelming amount of information we needed to share with them in such a short period of time. But, we succeeded and had an terrific time sharing ideas, laughter, and stories of success.

We are looking forward to these newly trained tutors to soon be in the local libraries working their magic! We certainly need them as we have a waiting list at almost every library located throughout the county. They will be working with eager adult learners on conversation, reading, writing, basic math, Pre-GED, and citizenship goals. There is much to accomplish.

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