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July - September 2011     VOLUME 15 ISSUE 3
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Volunteer Making a Difference at Cooper Memorial Library!

Sandra Lara

Shyam Raghunauth, a tutor since 2009 with Lake County Adult Literacy Program, has volunteered over 100 hours in helping learners realize their dreams. Shyam, aside from working as a full time Eustis Middle School teacher, currently tutors a Pre-Ged Math class of 10 learners whose goals are to pass the GED. Volunteers like Shyam are making a major difference in the community and people’s lives. Shyam personally has his heart with the community and is always willing to contribute more of his time to help strangers. Shyam is not alone in his efforts in making the Lake County Adult Literacy Program at Cooper a success.

Volunteers are often overlooked for all the sacrifices they make in their personal lives to help others realize their dream. I would like to thank all the Lake County Adult Literacy volunteers at Cooper Memorial for their time and hard work they have gracefully given to the program. I am constantly told of the impact the Adult Literacy Program has made in learners lives made. Learners who have been able to find a better occupation, assist their children with homework or read a book are truly grateful to the Adult Literacy program and their volunteers. I would like to extend an invitation for all who are willing to take part and help make a difference. Please contact the Lake County Adult Literacy Program (352-253-6183), so that you too can positively impact others.