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January - March 2012     VOLUME 16 ISSUE 1
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Vic DiGenti

Windrusher Fans
Festival of Reading

“Windrusher's fans are special. You live in large, bustling cities and quiet rural communities. You may be younger or not so young. But you do have something in common, besides following each of Windrusher's adventures. You all love your cats. If you submit a photo of one or more of your kitties reading one of Vic’s books (along with yourself if you wish), it will be featured on the official Windrusher website.”

“Vic and his wife have done their part to help the overpopulation problem by rescuing unwanted and abandoned cats. “They’ve taken to knocking on our door at dusk,” he once wrote in one of his newspaper columns, ”with only a few pitiful belongings and a crudely printed note pinned to their furry pajamas begging us to take them in.”

“Maybe he exaggerated a bit, but in a few short years they went from a fairly sane, pet-free existence, to a household of loveable furballs and their world was never the same.”

“Today, they share their home with seven cats ranging from sweet and shy Sasha to aloof Soxi, from weird and wacky Gus to Alpha Cat Duke. Then there’s the hair-licking Sergio, and Sofi who likes to sit on Vic’s lap as he writes and critique his work. Click here to check out photos of their cats.”

From the authors’ website: 

Mr. DiGenti will be appearing at the 2012 Festival of Reading.  The complete schedule can be found at