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January - March 2012     VOLUME 16 ISSUE 1
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Mad LIVE Arts

New column on TeenLib
Mandi Paige

In a state of shopping recovery as the holidays are unfortunately in the distance and with the startling appearance of half eaten candy canes embarrassingly stuck to the bottom of your purse or book bag and the odd feeling that someone has shrunk your favorite clothes because they are suddenly too tight, thus signaling that indeed New Year's is upon us. But just because the holidays may be at an end doesn’t mean the surprises are by any means over!

2012 we welcome you with an overload of events emerging in the coming spring as well as a BRAND NEW addition to the TeenLib family! Mad ‘LIVE’ Arts, covering the theatre happenings in Lake County with cast interviews, show reviews and upcoming event listings for the best shows in town!
And of course check out the ‘Hear That Tune Music’ section for the latest music updates and local artist interviews. For fun fashion ideas, tips and finds you can scroll over to ‘Fashion Is the New Me’!

til' next time,
Happy 2012 / ~ Teenlib