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April - June 2012     VOLUME 16 ISSUE 2
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Planning Ahead for Summer Fun

Linda Goff

When do Youth Librarians in our 15 public libraries begin planning special summer programs to help encourage kids to keep reading when the school year ends? Well, the planning has gone on ever since November when the Collaborative Summer Library Program manuals arrived. If a library had funding to hire performers for large audience shows, those negotiations were done in January. In February, the State Library presented a summer reading program training workshop in Leesburg with 60 Central Florida librarians attending.

Have you heard of summer set-back? It refers to the fact that most students make decent progress during the school year, but during the summer months they fall behind as much as three months of grade-level equivalency if they don’t keep reading. There’s no reason to take a vacation from learning during the summer months when the public library has so much to offer kids – even bored and restless ones.

One of the many ways parents and other caregivers can help prevent the dreaded summer set-back is to arrange for their children to participate in summer fun at their local libraries. Keep an eye on the Lakeline Kids and TeenLib webpages at for summer programming details, reading lists, and much more.