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July - September 2012     VOLUME 16 ISSUE 3
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Save the Date: Lake BookFest

Save the date for the Lake County Library System’s 10th annual Lake BookFest, a joyful gathering of fantastic authors, book lovers and creative writers. In 2013, our libraries will be reaching out with a powerful message, Viva Libros! Events will take place from March 11th through the 16th, 2013. Many of our BookFest programs will be part of Viva Florida, a State initiative that commemorates 500 years of Florida's rich heritage and diverse cultural history.

Experience the excitement of the endless originality and inventiveness of authors who give voice to ideas. Sharing a passion for books, these authors fill our lives with romance, adventure and mystery. The library is the gathering place for people to talk and listen, to read of history that echoes past and foreshadows future, thoughts that transcend and inspire, emotions that evoke joy and sorrow and imagination that creates a new universe of being. Shakespeare's Macbeth: "If you can look into the seeds of time, and say which grain will grow and which will not, speak to me." Our libraries, our authors can be the beginning of your story.

Photo of internationally acclaimed author Robert Macomber, award winner for his non-fiction work on Florida’s maritime history and historical novels of Florida, returning for BookFest.