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July - September 2012     VOLUME 16 ISSUE 3
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Local Businesses Step Up to help fund the East Lake County Summer Reading Program

Scott Amey

After reaching out to the local businesses in the Sorrento Area many businesses have donated to the Friends of the East Lake County Library for the East Lake County Library Summer Reading Program.  The Friends of the Library have received donations from the Mount Plymouth Landowner’s League, Sorrento Medical Clinic, CBC Electronics, J. A. Croson, Sanford Sam’s Club, East Lake Chamber of Commerce, BMJ CPA  Lake County Historical Society and the East Lake Historical Society to help fund programs and prizes for the program.  The East Lake County Library has a Business Readership program that displays information on local businesses that support their library. 

In the future the East Lake County Library is looking to build on their Business Readership which helps promote local business, create programs, inform patrons of business opportunities and works to be a community focal point for residents new and old.