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October - December 2012     VOLUME 16 ISSUE 4
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That Takes the Pancake!

Laurel Gainer

September 26 was National Pancake Day.  Pancakes are nothing new.  They go back to prehistoric times.  They were made of simple fried ingredients of milk, four, eggs and spices.  Depending on the cooking method and types of ingredients used, the pancakes were like today, or more like fritters, omelets or custard. In America the story of the pancake is as old as Native Americans and was called Narragansett, which means “no cake.”  The Dutch who settled in America added buckwheat to the recipe and now we have buckwheat pancakes1.  The Germans used potatoes in their pancakes, and the French and Belgium make them thin and light, as in crêpes2.  During the holidays, my family does the holiday breakfast thing. I happen to favor the Cinnamon Roll pancake (I knew you’d ask) found at  Spice up your holidays this year by mixing in some holiday pancakes. Stop by your nearest library to check out a pancake recipe book and celebrate National Pancake Day!




Cinnamon Roll Pancakes