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October - December 2008     VOLUME 12 ISSUE 4
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Election 2008

Caryl Harris

Every year, it seems that the internet has a bigger and bigger impact on our election process. Hopefully for our country it will not only partially change the way we inform ourselves but how also thoroughly we do so.

In a Democracy where informed voters are necessary to our successful future, the internet seems, at least on the surface, to offer an easy way to become informed about politicians and political issues and a salvation, of sorts, to a country demanding an informed electorate on more and more issues.

Of course, the internet can also contain a wealth of misinformation, and anyone using it should look at who is sponsoring each website.
The following websites will hopefully prove both useful and entertaining to those who are interested.

The official websites of the five presidential nominees who have brought in the most money into their campaigns are (in alphabetical order by each candidate’s last name):
Bob Bar (Libertarian):
John McCain (Republican):
Cynthia McKinney (Green):
Ralph Nader (Independent):
Barack Obama (Democrat):

Websites that can, among other things, let you take quizzes about what you think on major issues and then tell you which presidential candidate most closely matches your opinions are:
Speak Out:
USA Today:

To learn about state and national issues, who state and national candidates are and how they stand on the issues (plus much more), the following seem to be good non-partisan sites:
Public Agenda Online:
League of Women Voters:
Project Vote Smart:

To help you track campaign contributions (who is giving how much to whom), the following website are very helpful:
Federal Election Commission:
Open Secrets:

Want to know what the latest polls are saying about the candidates or the issues? Try the following website:
Polling Report:

Relying on the polls, the following website predicts who is ahead in the electoral vote:
Electoral Vote Predictor:

Information on Lake County, Florida’s elections and ballots are on the Supervisor of Elections website:
Supervisor of Elections: