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January - March 2009     VOLUME 13 ISSUE 1
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Astor County Library Adventures

Our Guitar Hero competition on October 16th was a big hit. We had 15 boys attending. Where are you girls? We plan on rockin’ again with another contest this quarter. Please check our calendar soon for the date. There will be prizes, food, and fun for everyone!!!

The Bilingual Cake Decorating Class on November 18th was a wonderful success. We had 12 people from teens to seniors learning how to decorate their own little cakes. Many people showed a natural talent for cake decorating. They are all more than ready for Cake Decorating Part 2. Please check our calendar for the upcoming date. Learn how to make a rose out of icing and much, much more!!!

If you are crafty then the Astor Library is the place for you. This past quarter we had Candle Crafts, Greeting Card Workshops, Harvest Wreath Making, Holiday Craft Workshops, and Calligraphy Classes. Once again, please check our calendar for the latest creative programming.