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July - September 2014     VOLUME 18 ISSUE 3
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Library Impact Survey

Barbara Perry

Recently, the Lake County Library System conducted a survey to better understand how our community uses and benefits from free access
to computers and the Internet at the library. The library offers 384 computers, wireless Internet, and assistance for all members of our
community. Of the survey respondents who reported visiting the library in the past year, 86% used a public access computer or the library's wireless network during their visits.

Highlights from the survey include:
• 38% of public technology users indicated they had used public access technology for employment needs. 29% of users searched for
a job online. 26% applied for a job by submitting a resume or filling out an online job application.
• 38% of public technology users used public technology for educational activities. 21% of users completed coursework or homework
using public access technology.
• 51% of public technology users used library technology to get information on health and wellness topics. 33% of users reported
learning about diet or nutrition; of those, 85% made a change to their diet.
• 54% of public technology users reported using library resources to stay in touch with family and friends and to build and maintain
social networks.

82% of public access technology users also received help from a librarian when using the computers or Internet at the library. Of those users, 64% have access to the Internet at home, school, or work but still choose to use the library's technology. Access to technology provides a vital link to information and resources that our citizens need on a daily basis. Local, State and Federal agencies rely on the internet to deliver much needed information to the public. The Lake County Library System provides a vital link to this information.

Those who participated in the library survey were entered in a drawing for one of 5 free audiobook prizes. The winners were: Paula B., Tom W., Nancy H., Darlene G and Judi K. Thank you to everyone that participated and completed the Impact Survey. Your time and survey responses will help us improve our services.