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The Writers Page: To Jesus, Lord Jesus

To Jesus, Lord Jesus
By Carol Johnson

To Jesus, Lord Jesus, the One who foresees us.
You came and You freed us, Dear Jesus, Lord Jesus.
With mercy and glory, and patience, and truth,
We mount up like eagles restored to our youth.

By lifting our burdens, You have set us all free,
At Calvary’s Cross where you hung on a tree.
You poured out God’s perfect, most precious sweet love.
Then sent us His Spirit in the shape of a dove.

Though we crucified You with all of our sins,
Still You laid down Your life and rose up once again.
Through mercy and grace we have gained Your forgiveness.
Your strength is made perfect in the times of our weakness.

You are always the same today and forever,
Forgiving us our sins, and forsaking us never.
It is not in our hearts to have hurt You at all,
Sweet Jesus we need You to answer the call.

When all we have done shall have flashed before us,
With Your still small voice, You will gently remind us,
“The past is the past and all things are made new,
How many more times will I have to tell you?”

While watching Your children from Your throne up on high,
With a great big smile You will light up the sky.
For there is no other that is like unto You,
Who can move all the mountains and do what You do.

Though many a time we have failed to acknowledge,
Your love and compassion can save us from bondage.
Oh forgive us Lord Jesus for all we have done,
And grow closer to us Lord Jesus, our Savior, Gods’ Son.

Through God’s compassion, His palm of salvation,
Makes available deliverance to all suffering nations.
We thank You Lord Jesus for Your ransoming cost,
For the blood that You shed can redeem all the lost.