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The Writers Page: Daughters

By Stephen J. Berlinsky

Little girls are so special.
They are the future of the world.
They alone have the capacity to nurture life and bring it to fruition.
As children they prepare to care for babies yet unborn.
When they play with dolls, they are loving the child they will conceive.

They alone are the receptacle for human life.
They are our future.
They are custodians of our past.
They are the sculptors, they take raw life and mold it into humanity.
They teach us to love, to care, to know right from wrong.

We watch in amazement. As they grow, we ask
Did I create this child, This wonder of life.

When they laugh, they fill our hearts with joy.
When they cry, our tears follow.
When they are in danger we fear with them.
When they stumble we pick them up.

Though they may frustrate us at times.
They will eventually make us proud, and
They bring a flutter to our hearts as they grow.

When they face the challenges of life, they are doing so in a knowing manner,

For they alone remember the lessons of life that were
passed to them by their grandmothers daughter.

Yes their mother was a daughter once.
She too had to grow and learn.
She too suffered pain and sorrow.
And She too, cared so deeply for her daughter .

For daughters are mothers to be, and mothers were once daughters.