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The Writers Page: The Little Things

The Little Things
By Norman Pollack

A cooling breeze, a pleasant smell, the falling winter snow,

A crescent moon, a twinkling star, a springtime flower show,

These are the gifts that nature brings, to lands both near and far

So everyone can sense these joys, no matter who they are.

The rich, the poor, the also-rans, the people in the street

The short, the tall, the black, the white, anyone you meet.

A smile, a laugh, a gentle tear, the warm glow of the sun,

A singing bird, a roaring falls, a simple walk for fun,

These are the wonders in our lives, for which there is no fee,

Because for each and everyone, all of them are free.

The young, the old, the newly born, the people in the street,

The loud, the mute, the timid soul, anyone you meet.

A swaying tree, a croaking frog, the floating clouds at dawn,

A summer swim, the touch of rain, a graceful little fawn,

These are delights that fill our days, with inner peace of mind,

They are among the charms of life, that's owned by all mankind.

The artist and the laborer, the people in the street,

The strangers and the ones we love anyone you meet.

You say these are the little things, that dim when hard times call,

But if you lost these little things there’d be no time at all.