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The Writers Page: That One Person

That One Person
By Kori Rolon

You're gone now
I am lost without you
Come back please
I beg you to come back
Why did you go?
I sit here and ask myself if it was my fault
And is it? Can you tell me?
Can you contact me somehow?
I miss you everyday that goes by
And I sit here and wait
I don't think you are going to come back
You left so angry at the situation
I find it hard to believe that you would do that to me
I don't care what anyone says
I believe you would come back to me
I cry on my every birthday
Because you aren't there
I want you here with me so I can be happy
But I guess I am just lying to myself
Cause I know you aren't coming back
So I lie here in tears just thinking of what it would be
If you were here for me well I guess that is never going to happen
So is this a good bye for life?