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The Writers Page: Mother of a Soilder

Mother of a Soilder
By Cathy Booth

You wear your country’s colors
along with ribbons too;
to show others that your son is serving
under the Red, White and Blue.
You decorate your home patriotically
letting everyone know he’s serving proudly.
In times of such commitment
our soldiers faithfully
fulfill their obligation;
to protect our Liberty.
They do this without hesitation
for their own safety.
This is what makes him a soldier unconditionally.
You hold back your tears
along with all your fears.
You hold him within your heart
and keep him in your prayers.
You ask that God watch over him
the way you use to do
when he was a little boy;
so innocent and true.
You wait for the day
when he returns safely home to you.
You once again can celebrate
his courage and success.
He truly deserves our blessings
for he always does his best.
When you can hold him in your arms
and know that he’s secure
that is when your heart;
will become complete once more.