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For immediate release - May 29, 2014

East Lake Poetry Contest Winners Announced

The winners of the 12th Annual Poetry Contest have been announced. The contest, held in honor of National Poetry Month, was judged by the Palm Writer's Group. A special awards program will be held on June 2 at 6 p.m. at the East Lake County Library. The winning poets have been invited to read their winning poems. All poets who entered the contest are also invited to read. The public is invited to join in this celebration of creativity.

Adult age group 19 and up

1st Place ~ Sherry Bannan                         “Getting Real”
2nd Place ~ Clarinda Mackey                      “Mama, Can You Hear Me?”
3rd Place ~ Emily Ross                              “Plaster Saint”
Honorable Mention ~ Ryan Tilley                 “Sky-Eyes”
Honorable Mention ~ Emily Ross                 “Long Line of Widows”
Honorable Mention ~ Iva-Lynn Crandall         “Into the Sunset”
Honorable Mention ~ Emily Ross                 “Homo Metropolis”
Honorable Mention ~ Sherry Bannan             “Tardy Muse”

Teen age group 13-18

1st Place ~ Tracy Maple                               “Shattered”
2nd Place ~ Ivy Wheeler                               “How Not to be Yourself”
3rd Place ~ Rohan Wadhwa                          “Skillz”
Honorable Mention ~ Katie Hacic                   “Doe Skull Light Bulb”
Honorable Mention ~ Ivy Wheeler                   “Brilliant Minds Think Alike”
Honorable Mention ~ Katie Hacic                   “Observations: Vessels as a Whole”
Honorable Mention ~ Kaliee Turk                    “Starry Night”
Honorable Mention ~ Michaela Guerrero          “Who Seek the Pot of Gold”

Children’s age group up to 12

1st Place ~ Hayley Mikkelsen                         “Wolves”
2nd Place ~ Christin Adams                           “My Friend”
3rd Place ~ Joshua Guerrero                          “I Made an Earth”
Honorable Mention ~ Stuart Palmer                 “Puns”
Honorable Mention ~ Gabriella Guerrero           “Owls”
Honorable Mention ~ Olivia Guerrero                “Night Fairy”
Honorable Mention ~ Jarvis Evalle                    “I was Hungry…”
Honorable Mention ~ Luca Cardenas                “Morning”

The winning poems will be published on the Lake County Library System website, "Writers' Page"  Prizes were provided by the Friends of the East Lake County Library. For more information call Scott Amey at 383-9980.


Media contact:
Scott Amey
Library Assistant

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