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July - September 2009     VOLUME 13 ISSUE 3
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Teen Author to Appear in Leesburg and Tavares

Lucienne Diver, author of the Vamped Series

Author Lucienne Diver will be making two special appearances in Lake County on Wednesday, September 23rd at the Leesburg Public Library, 100 E Main St., Leesburg at 4:30 p.m. and again at the City of Tavares Public Library, 314 N New Hampshire Ave., Tavares at 7 p.m. Teens will love Ms. Diver’s new novel Vamped which features a cast of undead characters and a fresh, fast take on the vampire myths. As the protoganist Gina Covello says “…this is one book I'd maybe even phone a friend about, since it covers all my adventures going from chic to eek. Because, let me tell you, eternity without a mirror or tanning options—totally uncool. And they don't tell you in, like, Vampirism 101 about crazy conspiracies, psycho-psychics and other hazards of unlife. But I will, so stay tuned.”

Lucienne Diver is a literary agent by day, a writer and journeyman jeweler by night. She started writing in her teens because talking back to the voices in her head wasn't socially acceptable—and she already had enough to deal with being a drama and AP English geek.
Her credits include short stories and a romantic comedy written under the pseudonym Kit Daniels. With her young adult novel Vamped, she's taking off the mask and stepping into the full glare of ... indirect sunlight. Because as her heroine would tell you, anything else is hazardous to your health, especially once you've been Vamped.

Hear what people are saying about Vamped!
• Publishers Weekly "Move over Buffy! Lucienne Diver transfuses some fresh blood into the vampire genre. Feisty, fashionable and fun--Vamped is a story readers will sink their teeth into and finish thirsty for more."
• Kirkus Reviews “Vamped has more than just a pretty cover, it’s got a great story to it, too! And it was exactly what I needed. It had the perfect amount of romance, suspense, and humor! …I recommend it to any vampire lover, and to those looking for something creative and fresh!”

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