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July - September 2009     VOLUME 13 ISSUE 3
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Adult Learners in the News

The true value of German Chocolate Cake...
Erika L. Greene

Dozier Hanberry has been working with his tutor, Judith Mathes, at the Leesburg Public Library since March 2006. There have been many successes and some challenges along the way but he continues to be determined to improve his literacy skills and achieve his goal of using his library card to borrow books he can enjoy at home. But something I bet he never thought he would do with his tutor was make a German Chocolate Cake from scratch! Reading the directions, studying vocabulary involving ingredients, methods, and tools he crafted his way to the final product and as he frosted the last corner he stated "That was a lot of work!" Dozier has worked hard over the past few years and we are sure he will continue to surprise us and himself in the future!

Without the dedication and hard work of our amazing tutor team located at the libaries throughout the County, we would not be able to provide such a wonderful program to adult learners interested in improving their English Language skills.  Want to learn more about this program?  How can you become a volunteer tutor?  How you can enroll as a learner?  Contact Erika at 352-253-6183 or visit and change a life, possibly your own!