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January - March 2010     VOLUME 14 ISSUE 1
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Marion Baysinger Memorial Receives Book and Video Donations

It seems like the holiday season energized a lot of people to clean out their bookshelves and attics because we had an influx of donations as the New Year approached. Most of the books will be given to the Friends of the Library who will sell them and use the proceeds to pay for library programs and other needs that the library budget does not cover. In addition to boxes and boxes of books, we also received a huge donation of video tapes. Although new movie releases are not available on VHS, library customers are still checking out the older titles; so apparently the VCR is not as much a thing of the past as we thought.  We will be checking these donated titles and plan to add several of them to the library’s collection as long as we still have the space. Video tapes are surprisingly resilient and not prone to the scratches and fingerprints often found on DVDs, so the quality of the picture should be just as good—if not better—than what is found on the DVD.