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July - September 2010     VOLUME 14 ISSUE 3
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2010 East Lake Poetry Contest

Winners announced!
Scott Amey

The Palm Writers’ Group was invited to judge the 2010 Poetry contest sponsored by the East Lake County Library. A committee was formed and each member received copies of the submissions, which were separated by age groups and contained no names to indentify the authors. Committee members read the submissions individually and made their personal choices.

The committee then met and chose the following winners from the lists of individual personal choices:

1ST PLACE: Christian Stanley: Spring
2nd PLACE: Nicole Durante: Our Loving Lord
3rd PLACE: Nicole Caruso: My Grandparents

Honorable Mention
Nicole Caruso: My Birthday
Tyler Day: Keep Your Hands and Feet to Yourself
Nicole Durante: A Day at the Track
Nicole Durante: A Special Place
Zachary Miller: About My Mommy

TEEN CATEGORY (Ages 13-18)
1ST PLACE: Tyler Polfer: Creation’s Hope
2nd PLACE: Candilyn Garcia: Again and Again
3rd PLACE: Kady Foster: We Are Broken

Honorable Mention
Tolulope Akinpetide: Utopia
Candilyn Garcia: Lost
Candilyn Garcia: Feelings
Candilyn Garcia: Whole

1ST PLACE: Emily Ross: Peer Pressure
2nd PLACE: Janet Pauley: The Battle of Lonely Lane
3rd PLACE: Emily Ross: Invisible

Honorable Mention
Mary MacCombie Fietsam: The American Way
Terrie Watkins: Bethlehem Midwife
Barbara Wojtan: Gone Fishing

Prizes were sponsored by the Friends of the East Lake County Library