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April - June 2011     VOLUME 15 ISSUE 2
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James Grippando


A message from James Grippando (posted on his website

My dad was a stripper. Okay, now I've got your attention. Actually, he was a printer for almost thirty years, and the technical term for his skill was —I kid you not— "stripper." My mother was a teacher and later a published author. With that combination, perhaps writing was in my genes.

I write thrillers, and Afraid of the Dark is the eighteenth in a string of bestsellers that started with The Pardon in 1994. It's the ninth entry in the Jack Swyteck series, but this isn't just for fans of Jack and his irreverent sidekick Theo Knight. No worries if you haven't read the other Swyteck novels. I write each one so that it stands on its own. I've also brought back two other favorite characters from previous novels, FBI Agent Andie Henning (Under Cover of Darkness) and blind hostage negotiator Vince Paulo (When Darkness Falls). It's a reunion of sorts-but as critics are saying, the series has never felt fresher.

I hope you'll have fun surfing through my website. You can learn about me, send me an e mail, or contact me through Facebook. Thanks for visiting, and be sure to drop me a line. I'm grateful to all my readers, and I enjoy hearing from each one of you.

Join Mr. Grippando on Friday, April 8th at 3 p.m. in the Mount Dora Community Center as he discusses his latest novel, Afraid of the Dark, and later at 6:30 p.m. at the Author's Reception.  He will offer advice on writing the thriller at the W. T. Bland Public Library on Saturday, April 9th at 12:30 p.m.