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April - June 2011     VOLUME 15 ISSUE 2
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Joyce Elson Moore

Romance and Mystery

Joyce Elson Moore has just been awarded the Bronze Medal for Popular Fiction in the prestigious Florida Book Awards for her novel The Tapestry Shop. From Liz Allenby, Historical Novels Review ". . . the author’s meticulous research of Arras and the medieval ruins shines through in this detailed and compelling tale." From Jani Brooks, Romance Reviews Today ". . . meticulously researched . . . Beautifully written, this is an excellent novel for the fan of historical fiction."

The Tapestry Shop, Arras, France 1265...This is the untold story of the wandering minstrel who first penned the story of Robin Hood. Adam falls in love with Catherine, who intends to join King Louis' crusaders. But Catherine's piety and Adam's scorn for the crusades force them both to examine their beliefs, after which they must each make a life-changing choice. This excerpt is taken from Ms. Moore's website

Adam de la Halle, a thirteenth century musician, returns to the city of his birth to confront the reality of his failed marriage, but first, he must find the hangmen who stole his purse and his dignity. As protégé of King Louis’ nephew, Adam attends the university in Paris. When he meets Catherine, a shopkeeper’s daughter, his life takes an unexpected turn.

Catherine is bound to another by a secret she cannot reveal. Her deep religious convictions and guilt for her past bring danger to her and to those she loves. When she decides to join the king’s latest crusade, Adam must confront his disdain for what he considers an intolerant Church, based on his knowledge of its treatment of Cathars and Jews.

Torn by conflicting ideals, they move toward their destiny, each determined to prevail, but the choices they make bring them both to heights and depths neither could ever imagine.

Our community is honored to host Ms. Moore Thursday, April 7th at 4 p.m. in the Tavares Civic Center. New and aspiring writiers will be treated to a free workshop, “Writing Historical Novels” from the master!