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April - June 2011     VOLUME 15 ISSUE 2
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Solve the Fruitland Park Mystery

The Mysterious Old Livingston House with author Jeffrey Lamb will be featured during the Festival of Reading on Tuesday, April 5th at 5 p.m. The house used in the movie was built in 1894 and has only known two families. The Stanaland’s built the house, and the Lloyd’s bought the house in the late 1940’s. The Stanaland’s lived and worked in the turpentine/orange grove business. Nancy Stanaland lived in the house and raised her family and died there. Two of Nancy’s daughters died at age 4, 3 years apart, both on October 10th and were buried in the family graveyard on the property. Nancy is still seen present day in the house. The clues don't seem to make a lot of sense but everything comes together inside the creepy old Livingston House. Featured at the 2010 Fort Lauderdale Film Festival selected as Best Picture and People’s Choice at the Melbourne Independent Film Festival.

On Thursday, April 7th at 5 p.m. CSI: Fruitland Park will present a unique program with all the elements of a real crime experience with a humorous twist. A priceless painting has been stolen from the Fruitland Park Library! Who took it? Was it an inside job? The CSI is responsible for the thorough documentation of the scene and the identification, processing and collection of physical evidence. Follow the clues and see if you can figure it out. Experts in the field of fingerprinting, trace evidence and hand writing will be on hand to help catch the thief. The Secret Service will be in the library.