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April - June 2011     VOLUME 15 ISSUE 2
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A Ghostly Experience

The Mount Dora Ghost Tour

The Writers Ghost Walk will be offered on Friday, April 8 leaving from the Authors’ Reception “Dying to Meet You” in the Mount Dora Community Center. This 60 minute lantern led walking ghost tour combines history with mystery and a touch of the macabre. It is a ¾ mile walking tour of the shadowy streets and back alleys of old Mount Dora… with tours at 8:00 p.m. 8:30 p.m. & 9:00 p.m. A special price of $10 is offered for Festival of Reading participants.

The Mount Dora Ghost Walk is a Keyhole Society Production, LLC. The following is an excerpt from their website.

"Mount Dora has been a very unique place since its beginnings. Considered as one of the staple cities in Lake County and the State of Florida, it has attracted thousands of visitors that have come to enjoy its numerous attractions, such as the many festivals and historical sites, and also to conduct business or establish a new residence.

Mount Dora's history is definitively rich and diverse. Now, for the first time, it has stepped in as the newest member of an elite group of cities considered as "haunted attractions".

The idea of a ghost is a symbolical representation that combines many things that are important for us as humans, which evoke the sensitivities of our emotions. As a poetical metaphor or an ideal of timeless existence, it is also shrouded in a veil of romanticism that probably explains why the subject is appealing for so many. However, perhaps the most important reason that justifies the universal prevalence of ghost stories across cultures is the fact that they represent the closest thing we have to a living link with history and the past.

With all this in mind, the Mount Dora Historical Society started a project to research and compile the ghost stories and legends of our city, not only to provide the material for the ghost walk, but also to preserve another twist of our popular history. Using resources that include personal accounts, traditions, myths, legends, and historical documentation, we are trying to cover a wide variety of historical periods and social backgrounds. The results have been massive and with each probe completed we uncover another thread that leads us to a different path and a new search."

The first completed repertoire of stories together with their historical references has been added on