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October - December 2008     VOLUME 12 ISSUE 4
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VolunteerLAKE Receives Honor

Helena Osborne Ponsi Goes to Washington

Helena Osborne-Ponsi, Director of VolunteerLAKE, received an official White House invitation to attend President George W. Bush’s address on the State of Volunteerism in America. “It was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and volunteerism is very important to me,” Osborne-Ponsi said. “I was so excited and appreciative. How could I refuse an adventure like this?”

VolunteerLAKE is Lake County’s Volunteer Center housed in the Department of Community Services. The Volunteer Center promotes volunteerism and volunteer recognition within the County. It provides extended and enhanced services to the community by utilizing volunteers and unpaid interns within County departments and offices. VolunteerLAKE encourages community involvement by heightening awareness of Lake County Government, providing community enrichment, economic vitality and career discovery opportunities to volunteer and unpaid intern participants. In addition, it serves as a clearinghouse for volunteer opportunities throughout Lake County.

“I think you will see more national attention on volunteerism,” she said. “Volunteerism is important to recognize on a national level because it continues to engage people. People who are engaged tend to do more positive things, and we tend to move further along at what we need to do because people step forward to volunteer.”

To learn more about opportunities through VolunteerLAKE, call Helena Osborne-Ponsi at (352) 742-6590 or e-mail

*photo is of Helena and Liz Seale, Chief Operating Officer of the Corporation for National and Community Service