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January - March 2012     VOLUME 16 ISSUE 1
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J. Gabriel Gates

In Their Own Words
Festival of Reading

Taken from J. Gabriel Gates' blog:, from the protests at Occupy Detroit. "No matter what your political views might be, it is our duty as human beings and Americans to push toward a more just and equitable society. My upcoming novel “Blood Zero Sky” deals with this very topic."

"What the heck does “Blood Zero Sky” mean, you ask? It means the most exciting, scary, thought-provoking, kick-butt dystopian teen novel you’ve ever read, that’s what it means. Look for it in the fall of 2012."

"I'm proud to announce that Dark Territory has won the Flamingnet Top Choice Award. The best thing about this award is that the winners are picked by actual teen and young adult reviewers. More readers are discovering The Tracks Series every day, and loving it. So if you have any teens, young adults, or lovers of fantasy, magic or martial arts on your Christmas list, you know what to put in their stocking." 

Mr. Gates will be appearing at the 2012 Festival of Reading.  The complete schedule can be found at