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July - September 2012     VOLUME 16 ISSUE 3
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Hurricane Preparedness with Ali Turiano

Cagan's Adult Summer Reading Program
Claudia Piper

Saturday June 23rd was the first event of the Adult Summer Reading Program at Cagan. Ali Turiano from Channel 13 News came to the library for a presentation on hurricane preparedness. The presentation was perfectly timed, as Tropical Storm Debby was just beginning to brew in the Gulf. The event drew sixty-four attendants from the Four Corners area and even Seminole County.

Ms. Turiano began with a quick overview of what being prepared for a hurricane meant. She stressed that it was important to have a plan for either staying at home or evacuating and went over the basic contents of an emergency kit. She reminded people to start preparing early so they would not have to face the rush at the store and empty shelves as everyone else tries to prepare at the same time. Other items she mentioned were extra cash, important documents in water proof containers, extra gasoline if you plan on evacuating, extra propane in case the power go out, a weather radio and extra batteries, and a can opener for canned food. Many questions from the audience were from people who had just moved to Florida and did not know about hurricane season, different hurricane categories, or that hurricanes could produce tornadoes. One attendant exclaimed “That’s it! Next summer, I’ll be back in New York!” Overall, the event was an excellent start to our Adult Summer Reading Program.