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October - December 2012     VOLUME 16 ISSUE 4
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Crocheting at the Astor County Library

Pamela Goodson

The Astor County Library started a crochet class on Tuesday, September 18th. It will run for four to six weeks, depending on the interest. Our teacher, Barbara Pretzsch, has been crocheting for 40 years. She participates in “Warm Up America”, which is an organization of volunteers across the country who either knit or crochet afghans or clothing for those in need. Some of the places that receive their donations are the American Red Cross, hospitals, shelters and nursing homes.

For the afghans, anyone who is interested knits or crochets 7-inch by 9-inch blocks. These blocks are then joined together into an afghan. You can visit their website at and find out more information about this wonderful organization. Barbara has her new crochet group working on their first 7x9 block in Single Crochet. She is hoping that some will progress to Double Crochet, Shell Stitch, Little Scallops or Flying V’s for their next block.