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January - March 2013     VOLUME 17 ISSUE 1
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Viva Florida 500 Speakers and Programs

As 2013 nears, our libraries, parks and partners are planning activities and events that celebrate Florida's 500th anniversary. Viva Florida 500 is a tremendous opportunity to showcase Florida's rich heritage and diverse cultural history. Viva Libros!, the 2013 BookFest will offer several programs filled with Civil War, food heritage, Cracker Culture and Native American history. The schedule for all BookFest programs can be found at

Shipwreck on a Table 

Dr. Jason Moser is the Outreach Coordinator for the Central Region of the Florida Public Archaeology Network. Dr. Moser is an archaeologist and historian with 18 years of professional experience in the field of archaeology. Jason has a BA in History and Ancient Studies and an MA in History from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. He will present a special program for young people, Shipwreck on a Table.

Jason has maintained a strong research interest and focus on the historical archaeology of the Colonial Period. In addition to this interest he has a background in maritime and underwater archaeology. In Maryland, Jason served as volunteer SCUBA diver with the Maryland Maritime Archaeological Program and he has also worked with the Maritime Archaeological and Historical Society. His other archaeological research interests include Geographic Information Systems applications in archaeology, industrial archaeology, prehistoric ceramics, maritime history, historic architecture, video editing, photography, 3D modeling and animation for public outreach.

Florida Flavors: 500 Years of Eating Locally

Julie England is the Family and Consumer Sciences Extension Agent for Lake County. Julie holds two Bachelor’s degrees, one in Food and Resource Economics from the University of Florida and one in Environmental Studies from Rollins College. She also has a Masters in Agriculture Education and Communication from the University of Florida.

Ms. England will present Florida Flavors: 500 Years of Eating Locally. This original Florida food heritage program will discuss historical foods from early Floridians including Native Americans and Spaniards through current times. Ms. England will demonstrate seasonal dishes and offer tastings.

Florida's Ancient Mysteries

Jules V. Turcsanyi, an avid amateur archeologist, has BSBA degree from Florida Southern. He retired from the Lockheed Martin Missile Division where he was employed as an Operations Manager for the Patriot missile program. He will present Florida's Ancient Mysteries. Mr. Turcsanyi has studied Florida’s ancient native cultures and their history for the past 30 years.

Jules began his travels through history many years ago when asked to give a program on Florida’s ancient hunter/gathers. From this first attempt he developed a DVD so that our Florida history could be shared by all. Jules makes presentations to various school groups as well as numerous Civic and social organizations throughout the state.

Thousands of years ago small groups of hunter-gatherers wandered onto the North American continent and changed this pristine paradise forever. The first pottery, finely woven cloth, tempered clay pots and many unique stone points were developed on this new continent. Who were these people and where did they come from?

Woodlea: Life on the Lake of the Dancing Sunbeams

Author Bob Grenier takes you on an extraordinary journey back to the early days of Florida's small hamlets, cracker houses, lush backwoods, puffing steamboats, and it's endless rows of citrus trees.  Currently serves as Councilman for the City of Tavares. He moved to Florida from Chicago in 1985. He is an author, preservationist, public speaker, living historian, and board member of the Lake County Historical Society and Tavares Historical Society. His latest Images of America: Tavares from Arcadia Publishing chronicles the history of the Seaplane City with photographs collected from the historical society.

Mr. Grenier is also the author of The Gallant Captain Melton Haynes. He is actively involved in the historical community, and belongs to several organizations including the North Lake County Civil War Roundtable, the 17th Connecticut Vol. Inf. Re-enactors, and the Sons of Confederate Veterans, where he was the first recipient of the "Distinguished Legionnaires Award". Bob is the immediate Past President of the Lake County Historical Society and is the current President of the Historical Society of Tavares. He is involved in many historical preservation and restoration projects including the saving of the Capt. Haynes Woodlea house.