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October - December 2008     VOLUME 12 ISSUE 4
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Leesburg Celebrates Gaming

November 15, 2008 National Gaming in the Library Day!
Jessica Luby

Libraries across the nation will be participating in the “largest, simultaneous national video game tournament ever held!” Players will be competing against their library peers as well as other libraries and see their scores online! Of course, this isn’t just about video games! Hasbro has donated a copy of its game “Pictureka” to every public library branch in the U.S. in an attempt to set a record for the most number of people playing a board game at once!

Leesburg Public Library will be unveiling our Wii programming for this event!! Funding for this project came from our very generous Friends of the Library.  Our teens and tweens will have the chance to compete with other libraries playing Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) for the highest score on the PlayStation 2. Patrons of all ages will have the chance to try out Wii Sports and Wii Mario Kart. There will be board games available for friends and family to play. We will also have tables set up for Role Playing and Trading Card games.

The American Library Association is in full support of this event because libraries aren’t just about books and reading anymore! There are vast amounts of electronic and online resources, CDs, and DVDs. Having video game programming in the library reaches out to more community members and meets specific needs.

Video games have been around for more than 30 years.  It's amazing to consider that three generations have grown up with video games! The average age of a gamer today is 35 years old. Family gaming nights offer an experience for Baby Boomers, Seniors, Millennials, Generation Y, and Generation Xers to play together and learn from each other.