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January - March 2014     VOLUME 18 ISSUE 1
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Being a Writer is Cooler than Luke Skywalker + Voldemort + Katniss Everdeen Times Infinity

Author Chris Tozier

Christopher Tozier is the author of Olivia Brophie and the Pearl of Tagelus, the award-winning, middle-grade fantasy series set in the wilds of central Florida and published by Pineapple Press. He was selected as a 2011 State of Florida Artist Fellowship recipient and his poetry has appeared widely. Chris offers advice on how to write the second book in a series on his website  This year he will return to share his experience in two writing workshops, one for teens and one for "the rest of us".

On Wednesday, March 12 at 4:00 Being a Writer is Cooler than Luke Skywalker + Voldemort + Katniss Everdeen Times Infinity
will be held in the Leesburg Public Library. You have ideas that no one else in the world has ever had. How do you turn those pictures in your head into a story that others will love to read? Should you write a movie script, poetry, or a novel? What are the coolest things about being an author? What are the hardest things? When should you try to publish? Why is being a writer cooler than Luke Skywalker + Voldemort + Katniss Everdeen times infinity? There will be lots of time for questions and answers for teens. You can even bring some of your own writing and Chris will read it!

Thursday, March 13 from 5-7 p.m. Chris will conduct "A Workshop for the Rest of Us" in the Astor County Library.  Do you have a full-time job? Kids? How do you pursue your dream of being a writer when you barely have time to relax? Most of the advice out there expects you to be a full-time writer! Learn how Chris juggled his busy life with becoming a successful writer. It isn't magic, you just have to start looking at the challenge differently. Topics covered will include using your time most effectively. Publishing with or without an agent. How to build your brand. There will be plenty of time for questions.