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July - September 2014     VOLUME 18 ISSUE 3
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Nails for the Fourth

Crystal Osborne

Triangle Tips

1. File nails, apply base coat and let dry. Place two pieces of tape crisscrossing forming a triangle.
2. Use an upward stroke to paint the exposed nail starting on the tape. I used a dark red but you can use any shade of red, white and/or blue for a patriotic look.
3. When the nail polish is just about dry pull the tape off starting at one side and working your way around. If you are happy with the look finish with a top coat.
4. Pick a glittery polish in the same color and use the brush to place just a little polish along the tip of the nail. Let dry and add top coat to complete.


1. File Nails, apply a base coat and let dry. Pick 2 glittery colors.
2. Practice first on a piece of paper using either a toothpick or tiny paintbrush, pick up some of the first color and make the little curved mark.
3. Repeat step 2 going in a circle out from the center until you have a burst pattern.
4. When you are comfortable making the pattern do it on your nail.
5. Add the second color making the same marks beside the first marks. When you are happy with how it looks let it dry and put on a top coat.

Golden Sparks

1. File nails, apply base coat and let dry. Get a makeup sponge (any sponge with work) and pour a small puddle of gold glittery polish. Dip the end of the sponge into the polish.
2. Tap the polish onto the ends of your nails. Tap as much polish on as you like then let dry. A q tip and some nail polish remover can be used to clean up any polish that got on your skin. Top coat and let dry.