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January - March 2009     VOLUME 13 ISSUE 1
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Nuclear Jellyfish at the Festival of Reading

Tim Dorsey Returns

Remarkably funny and talented author Tim Dorsey returns to the Festival of Reading this year with a new book featuring Serge Storms, Florida’s most famous tour guide and serial killer with a strong sense of justice. Nuclear Jellyfish, published by William Morrow, is the 11th in this best selling thriller series. Book Description
“Just when you thought it was safe to go online . . . Serge has returned!
That loveable collector of trivia, souvenirs, and murder methods is back with a new A Tour of Florida. And this time he's out to set the record straight!
Serge is upset that his beloved state isn't getting its proper recognition, so he signs on with the big Internet travel services. But his new employers aren't exactly sure they want to send their customers to Serge's favorite haunts—nor do they want to provide tips on how to keep from getting killed on vacation.
Serge couldn't disagree more, and he sets up his own wildcat site, hyper blogging his way down the coast with his perpetually hammered sidekick, Coleman.
Unfortunately Serge's Web presence catches the attention of his nemesis, Agent Mahoney, and the chase is on.
Meanwhile, professional robbery crews have begun targeting trade show exhibitors, who may or may not be what they seem. Bodies begin piling up, which is less than usual for the locale—except this time it involves rare postcards. Serge has had enough! He's forced into the only logical course of action—go shopping at the Home Depot.”