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January - March 2009     VOLUME 13 ISSUE 1
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USA Today bestselling author Karen Hawkins

Festival of Reading Brunch @ Leesburg Public Library

HarperCollins author Karen Hawkins is a USA Today bestselling author of several sexy and sassy romances for Avon Books, including A Belated Bride; the Ask Reeves books: Her Officer and Gentleman and Her Master and Commander; the Talisman Ring Series: An Affair to Remember, Confessions of a Scoundrel, How to Treat a Lady, And the Bride Wore Plaid, and Lady in Red; as well as the historicals The Seduction of Sara and The Abduction of Julia.

Despite of all the fanfare, Karen gives us reasons not to buy her books on her website

The Goddess Grins

Top Five Reasons NOT To Buy A Book by Karen Hawkins:
• 5. Poorly performed dental surgery in ’97 left me with locked jaws and it hurts to laugh.
• 4. Raised by elderly aunts and taught from an early age that laughter causes embarrassing gas episodes.
• 3. Just joined Satanic Cult and reading a funny historical romance somehow seems inappropriate.
• 2. Already read one funny book this year
And . . . the Number One Reason NOT to buy a book by Karen Hawkins:
• 1. Inherited my mother’s mule braying laugh and don’t want my fiancé to hear it until after the wedding.
“Karen Hawkins cracks me up!”
– Evelyn Smith, Karen’s Mom

Ms. Hawkins has won multiple awards including the prestigious Maggie Award from the Georgia Romance Writers. You can have brunch with Karen (aka "The Goddess") at the Leesburg Public Library during the Festival of Reading. Call 352-728-9790 for more information.